Baba Sam

Co-Founder & Consultant

Sam has an experience of 25 years in the Information Technology (IT) industry. He held leadership roles at IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Wipro Infotech and Acer India.

Sam has a keen interest in innovations for the Indian Start-ups, and the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). He postulates that these will continue to innovate with products & technologies and disrupt the markets with new business models. While he provides on-demand consulting services for Start-ups and growth-oriented SMEs through his consutling organization called CUSP SERVICES he has partnered with a curated list of Sales enablement professionals (Trainers and Coaches) for helping the Sales leaders through 360SalesLeader.

Sam has had long successful stints at various companies and provided leadership in different roles at Wipro, Sun Microsystems and IBM. He managed Channel Sales across the country, led Direct sales in Key accounts, built teams to drive Business development activities to grow revenues from new territories, and also provided leadership to Marketing and Product management functions.

He is mentored to be a certified performance coach/trainer.

Few of his accolades include “Employee of the year – Business Growth” at Wipro Infotech, and “Partner Manager Award” nomination amongst ASEAN region at Sun Microsystems.

Krishna G

Growth Aspire - Partner, Sales Trainer, Coach

Krishna has worked in sales delivery, training and consultancy over the past 25 years. Before GrowthAspire, he was the lead consultant at Mercuri, India. He has helped companies transition from just product and service selling to solution and value selling. He has led many successful sales intervention programs across multiple industries and institutions including retail, luxury real estate, education, capital goods, FMCG, engineering, pharmaceuticals etc. Krishna is a prolific speaker and has influencees among thousands of professionals across India. He influences to rethink one’s way of selling and also the customer approach.


Sales Coach & Consultant

Subramanian has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. He gives consulting services to many companies to improve their sales performances. He is a prolific speaker and has spoken in conference, forums and business schools. He has trained more than 3000 people on various aspects of sales. He has handled more than 400 + clients for his e-learning and recruitment firm. He also has experience in handling international clients.

He is also an author of the book “Anybody Can Sell” which is available on Flipkart and Amazon.

Raghuraman P

Sales Coach & Business Leader

Raghuraman is a veteran skill development professional based out of Gurgaon.  He worked for more than two decades in various leadership roles in sales and marketing before venturing into full-time training profession. Since then, he has trained more than 10000 sales professional.

He trained employees from Amazon India, Hewlett Packard India, Hindustan Times, LG Electronics India, Logitech India, HCL Group, Flipkart, and Panasonic India etc.

He is also a professor of management practice at Bridge School of Management, a new-age management school based out of Cybercity, Gurgaon. He teaches marketing management, sales management and product management at the school.

Kaushal Veluri

Sales Advisor

He has an experience of 20+ years experience in sales, marketing and channels.

He understands a sales person’s perspective, which might help to integrate with marketing strategies and plans. His experience gifts him the ability to think on his feet with agility, while at the same time ensure that relevant processes are defined for scalability.

His sales experience spreads over box-selling (Apple Macintosh computers, Tektronix Test & Measurement Instruments & 3M Multimedia Projectors) & Concept Selling (Alliances in His experience as a sales representative (Apple & Tektronix) & channel sales manager to handle distributors gave him insights to lead teams now (3M).

Also, he has market development experience in IBM and Oracle, channel marketing experience in ISV. He played an important role in large event executions, direct mailers and promotions. He handled a 14 member tele-team in Oracle for market development.

His expertise is in the fields of marketing, corporate communications, channel marketing, event expertise and execution, and innovative marketing.