Sales is part science, part art. And an effective Sales Leader know how to balance the two.

To be an effective Sales Leader, one needs to have a well-rounded ability to manage expectations at all levels. Sales Leaders need to learn to effectively collaborate not just with customers but also with their peers in other departments such as technical and marketing and senior leadership in their own organisation. A successful Sales Leader is like the conductor of an orchestra – managing the various musicians to deliver a melodious symphony that clinches the customer order.

360o Sales Leader believes that with the right training and knowledge; anyone can become a successful Sales Leader. M Baba Sam & valued partners of 360o Sales Leader – bring together over 200+ years of joint sales and marketing coaching experience to deliver tools, tips and tricks to help sales executives become Sales Leaders. 360o Sales Leader will deliver the knowledge and training in the form of webinars, short executive sessions and detailed workshops.

A 360o Sales Leader is the one who not only meets their target but also leaves a lasting impression both on the customer and the organisation. After all sales is, not merely an exchange of goods or services between two organisations, it is a means to build trust and relationships.