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“True freedom is a freedom with clear boundaries. True freedom understands the real essence of do’s and don’ts. A freedom without restrictions that brings comfort is a freedom in chains.”  ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

It is always better to know more about the dos and don’ts of the industry. We would like to share our knowledge about few dos and don’ts with you


  • Stack-Rank Prospects

Time is the essence. As the quarter-end nears, one should focus on ones top opportunities which will make or break the sales numbers. One can grade each opportunity on a scale of 1- 5 with 5 represents the highly closable activity and 1 represents the least likely closable activity, by the end of the quarter. Then focus your efforts on the less time taking tasks first i.e. all with grade 5 and 4. The clock is ticking so get to work now!

  • The Quid Pro Quo

At the quarter’s end, prospects always ask for incentives like discounts, special services and add-ons. Even if these requests are within the scope of what you’d typically provide, respond with a “yes – if-then” from your end. It could work something like this: “If we meet those terms and agree to that price, then we’ll need you to authorize the deal by the end of this week – possible?” or “I’ll talk to my manager and if she gives an ‘okay’ to these provisions, could we have the purchase order by this Friday?”

  • Executives to call the Decision maker

Another strategy that usually works is to schedule meetings between your top sales management and your prospect’s senior executives who are the decision-makers or the approvers. This tactic may enable you to get a better sense of the deal and what can be done to close it by quarter’s end. Leverage your senior management well during this period.

  • Purge Your Pipeline

Every sales funnel has opportunities. They’re those great opportunities in the pipeline that you’ve been working on for months. Every time you think about killing them, you get a glimmer of hope. Take action. If they have been dragging for too long, this is the time to remove them. They don’t deserve to be on your radar right now.

  • Be Direct

When in doubt ask the customer directly. “Mr (Customer Name) with all the work that we have done together so far, how many steps are left before we could ink the contract? I wanted to be sure that I didn’t miss any important aspect.” Get out there and be straightforward. We don’t want any surprises during the last week of the quarter. There’s no substitute for being pleasantly persistent and respectfully blunt.


Don’t be desperate to bring Bad Fitting Clients

•    Do not bring on ill-fitting clients just to make your numbers. Any client outside of your ideal customer profile will complicate the service, produce a higher likelihood of churn or failure, and costs more time and resources. It might even result in adversely affecting your company’s brand and image. Instead, focus on filling the pipeline with high-quality leads.

•    Don’t be desperate and give away more than you’re comfortable with.

It’s just not worth it. You only have one reputation for your brand and offering, treat it respectfully. Concessions can quickly become a crutch that hides other issues. Sell on value, not on price.

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