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“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” — Zig Ziglar, author, salesman, and motivational speaker

Hello, Sales Champions!

Hope that you all are doing great! Trust you all concluded a fantastic sales quarter and met your sales targets in time. I’m sure you’re now collecting all types of data for your business reviews for your respective territory or for the set of accounts that you personally manage.

During this time, I’m sure there would be many questions that would cross your mind. Some are follows:

  • “Which are the large deals that I’ve won for in the last 90 days?’
  • “What are the reasons I won those deals?
  • “How did I beat the competition in those large deals? What relationships did I leverage within and outside the organization?”
  • What aspects of Sales support from my organization and our partners that helped me in closing these large deals?
  • “How can I replicate this?”

Also, importantly trust you’re also analyzing the deals that you had lost during the last sales quarter.

  • “What are the values of those lost deals?”
  • “Which are the key customer accounts where I lost these opportunities?” “To whom did I lose those opportunities”? “What were some of the actions that I observed about competition activity in my accounts?”
  • “What are the main reasons I lost those opportunities?”

And many more such questions.

I’ve come up with a checklist that you might want to consider answering before submitting a proposal to your customer.

Here are the top ten pointers which I want to share:

  • It has a cost vs. benefit that justifies the expenditure you’re asking for? Essentially is the ROI/Payback period established?
  • Is the person you’re giving the proposal to, able to fund the initiative? Are you aware about the source of (which Business unit) the funding? Have you met that department head? Do you know what his requirements are and what does he want to accomplish?
  • How many of the people that may be on the buying committee have you spoken with? Have they been mapped as per the protocol by senior management from your organization?

•    Do buyers understand the outcomes they are looking to achieve with your offering?

•    Do buyers understand the reasons they can’t achieve those outcomes without your offering?

•    Related to the above question – Can buyers articulate specific capabilities within your offering that will address the reasons?

•    Do the buyers provided with documented results other similar companies have achieved with your offering?

•    Will the proposal be forwarded to any people you haven’t already spoken with?

•    Do buyers have everything, in terms of all the information, needed to make a buying decision?

•    Last but not least – Why are you issuing the proposals? Have you covered all the bases? Do you know the compelling reason that the customer might decide on the proposal now?

These are the Top Ten points that appealed to me. Please add to this list for your reference.

Happy Selling!


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